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5x13 “How The A Stole Christmas” Official Promo


Ian Harding on ‘The Talk’

i must say, the fact that A stroked that riding helmet like that at the end of the last episode, kind of makes me think melissa was hiding behind that hood...


Thats what we were thinking as well! x

I had a theory that Is a kinda mix of a lot of them. I think that Bethany is ms d's daughter and when ms d asked her to call her aunt it was to make herself feel like she still had a connection to her daughter and b's crazy and got confused and didn't want to call her Aunty so she freaked and threw the bucket. I think it's Ali's twin and since ms d is on the board she put her in radley as a different name to save her rep. I think the night ms d was on the phone she escaped and hit Ali. Thoughts?


We love love love this x

Hanna shouldn't have torn up Zac's number, but instead should have shown it to Aria. Her statement would have made more sense. Even if Aria believed she lured Zac into the car/give his number, Zac shouldn't have given the number regardless.


Tell us about it, but we don’t think she was really thinking about that at the time. Although we did see a really interesting theory on pookiebearandz the other day where she found on Twitter a theory stating that perhaps Zac was yes being creepy but maybe at…

"The Brew Zac rubbed Hanna’s back because he understands what she’s going through with the whole alcohol situation. Perhaps when he was a teenager he was in a dark place himself. When he got into her car, he wanted to make sure she didn’t read into what happened at The Brew the wrong way. He gave her his number to "hit him up" if he ever needed someone to talk to about his problems with alcohol because he used to be a struggling alcoholic and he understand what she is going through." Credit: teamhmc27​ on Twitter

We know that the PLL writers do like to make people seem creepy e.g. Ezra, Jason, Lucas etc when they are actually not really. We do think though Zac was being completely inappropriate the way he went around it if that is the case. 

Not 100% if this will be the case but just a theory that we read and really liked, something that we wouldn’t have been expecting if the PLL writer tend to go down this path! x

I'm rewatching s1 and Noel Kahn is def doing Mona's bidding. while "glamping" Hanna is hit by a car when she sees Noel Kahn which according to monA is knowing too much. In that episode the tree that said "Ali + Ian" is chopped down in the very woods Hanna was hiding. monA didn't have the strength or really time to chop down that tree but I bet she could have paid Noel Kahn to do it. And I bet 4 seasons later he still does things for her.


OMG thats an excellent point that you have made, you never know !x

i have a theory and i don't know if its been said already but i want to tell you guys. My theory is about Bethany, i think she's related to Alison. I think Bethany is the daughter of Jessica Dilaurentis AND Bethany was the one who hit Ali on the head that night. We all know Jessica was on the board at Radley and remember the night Alison asked her could she go to the barn with the other liars and Jessica was on the phone. She sounded worried and afraid. I think that was the night Bethany escaped


We actually tend to agree with you on this. It would make sense! x

Hannah’s Poem


I dance for many reasons,
all throughout the seasons.

I dance because it’s fun,
with different genres for everyone.

You can always find me at dance,
where I will spin like a top and prance.

I dance because it’s what I love to do,
it’s a challenge but lots of fun too!

- Hannah Broussard, 12 years old